Suzan S. Moule to Be Interviewed by BBC Three Counties Radio
Our incredible author of Woody, Where Are You, Suzan S. Moule, is invited as a guest on BBC Three Counties Radio. The show will take place on Friday, 2nd April 2021, which also happens to be Good Friday. The radio interview will begin at 12.10 PM where Suzan will talk about her book, Woody, Where Are You.  Woody, Where Are You is a children’s book that lets your imagination run wild. Woody is a frequent visitor of the park. When he doesn’t visit the park one day, it gets quiet without him. Woody’s friends wonder where he might be. All of them begin an amusing and entertaining adventure to find their friend, which everyone will love. You can order a copy here. Suzan S. Moule lives a happy life with her husband and son in a Hertfordshire village. Her beloved black Labrador’s death made her write marvellous stories for children. Her bubbly and cheerful nature is a helpful trait in her story-writing journey.
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