Tara Ingham to Showcase Her Books at a Stand at Pop-Culture Convention
CapriCon, a pop-culture convention will be held at Rockhampton Showgrounds. The Author Tara Ingham will have a stand at the event to endorse her sci-fi books, Once I Rise and Once I Remember. Her second book, Once I Remember will be launched by the end of March. It will hopefully a great exposure for her books to the right audience. The attendants will also be able to get the signed copies of her books. Once I Rise is an interesting story about the alternative. It is a collection of colourful characters who have lived multiple lives over thousands of years. Once I Remember is rather spell bounding addition to a collection of sci-fi books where Mina a revenant has a mission with Jethro as her ally. She has a chance to explore the path of magic but it raises a lot of questions for her. Australian author Tara Ingham began writing at 14, quickly developing a love for the written word. She went on to undertake a tertiary writing course in 2010 and then study creative writing and literature at university. After graduating in 2014, Tara completed her fourth full manuscript and began editing on a casual basis, publishing her debut novel, Once I Rise, in 2018.
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