Taunton Live Art Festival to host ‘The Duck Trail’
The author of the book ‘The Duck Trail’, Steven G.Mathew will be going to the Taunton Live Art Festival. The author will be promoting his new children’s book at the event. ‘The Duck Trail’ is a story about a young duckling, Drake who likes adventures. He examines the nature very closely and his inquisition to search for fun leads to the gloomiest adventures. Drake gets lost in his quest and it is now difficult for him to return home. Join Drake on his adventure and find out will he be able to find his way home? And will anyone notice? Or will he has to rely on his family and friends to follow his trail. Steven G. Mathews is an aspiring author who finds solace in writing poetry and poetic books. He has a young family and is also studying for his professional procurement qualifications. He enjoys reading and his children imaginations has fueled his desire to write a book which they can keep for long.
21, Jul 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
St. Ambrose Primary School, Manchester