Teignmouth Library will host ‘The Duck Trail’
Be there with your kids at this remarkable story time and Summer Reading Challenge event at Teignmouth Library in the month of July. ‘The Duck Trail’ by Steven G Mathews will be featured at the event so don’t miss the chance to take hold of this notable children’s book. The story of the book is about Drake the duck who likes adventures. He sets on a curious adventure which leads him to search for fun. Drake gets lost in the quest of his inquisitiveness for new things and now he has to find way back to his home. Will Drake be able to find his way home or will he has to rely on his family and friends to follow his trail? Stephen G. Mathews is an aspiring young author who loves to write poetry and poetic books. He has a young family. Currently, Steve is studying and his children’s imaginations have fueled his desire to write a book for them.
14, Jul 2018
Kingsley Community Primary School, Liverpool