The Terrace Kitchen to host Book Launch of Zoe Beesley’s ‘A Sinner’s Gift’
Rotorua’s local author Zoe Beesley will be going to the book launch and signing ceremony of her new novel ‘A Sinner’s Gift’. The author will discuss her inspiration behind the book as well as the difficulties that she has to face in being the first time author. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session and book signing. The story of the book is about a Police Officer, Fergus Toop, who worked in the darkest streets of London for a decade. He is now standing in disperse with dead in front of him. He has to find the clues in this final breath of light but as he digs deeper, he finds himself caught in the world of buried truths and secrets. The Author, Zoe Beesley was born in Scotland. She graduated in International Relations and Arabic. She has also a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. This is her first novel and she is currently residing in New Zealand.
16, Aug 2018
St. Barnabas Primary School, Blackburn