Terri Lamberton to Attend Her Book’s Launch Event at City Central Library
Gear up all the book enthusiasts as Terri Lamberton is launching her remarkable book Lacy Loo’s Christmas Adventure on Saturday, 30th November 2019. The book launch event will be taking place at the City Central Library- Bethesda St, Stoke-on-Trent. The presentation will be followed by a book-signing session by the Author. Lacy Loo’s Christmas Adventure is a marvellously written book on a dwarf named “Lacy Loo”, who loves to live an adventurous life. The idea of being able to see the world just like Santa takes Lacy Loo into another world of excitement. This is an account of how she manages to hide in the Santa’s magic sleigh on Christmas Eve and come across the mesmerizing wonders of the world. Lacy finds how mystical Christmas actually is by landing up at a place named Derry. From Northern Ireland, Terri Lamberton, a mother of four beautiful children finds writing children’s books fascinating. The idea of how children discover their surroundings, natural interests and their absolute honesty intrigued and inspired her to write after the birth of her second child.  
30, Nov 2019
Lavenham Library / Village Hall, Church Street, Lavenham, CO10 9QT