An Unwavering Fight Against Addiction – Catch Andy Flute on Revelation TV
Our marvellous author and a real-life fighter, Andy Flute, is appearing on Revelation TV at 1 pm on 24th February 2021, Wednesday. This session is not to be missed at any cost, since the author will be talking about his book and his journey of recovery from alcohol addiction and the violent attitude it induced in him. Andy Flute has now become an inspiration and hope for many. His appearance on TV is worth watching and listening to. Do not miss out! You can tune into the interview session here. Jesus In My Corner is Andy Flute’s autobiographical writing. Andy had seen the worst in beating his addiction and ridding himself of violence. His tough fight now serves as a motivation for many. He regularly appears in prison workshops and church to speak, share, and help people break away from the vicious cycle of alcohol addiction and violence. He has dedicated himself to supporting people who are trapped in a situation from where he, himself, has managed to walk through and walk victoriously. Andy and his memoirs are true hope and spirit-lifter.
24, Feb 2021 - 01, Jan 1970