Upcoming Radio Interview of Samantha Downes, the Author of ‘Ginny The Ghost’
Samantha Downes is invited by BBC Radio Northampton for an interview about her children’s book ‘Ginny The Ghost’. She will talk about her inspiration for writing the book and getting published. She will also answer some interesting questions about herself so do not forget to tune in. ‘Ginny The Ghost’ is an interesting children story about how even ghosts can have their own fears and its okay to be afraid sometimes and it takes courage for anyone to overcome their fears. Ginny is a ghost who adores her friend, a dog named Milo. When milo goes missing she has to brave up and face her fears to find her only friend. Samantha Downes is a British born author with a passion for music, working with children, reading and now writing. She was a keen reader even as a young child and as she grew up she discovered she enjoyed working with young children. This provided her base for her becoming a children’s book author.
12, Mar 2019
Blue Stockings Bookstore – Lower Manhattan NY, USA