Vancouver Central Library to Host Writer’s Showcase event
Author of the book, ‘Driving in Reverse- the Life I Almost Missed’, Lindsay Wincherauk will be going to the ‘Writer’s Showcase Event’ at Vancouver Central Library. The purpose of the event is to provide the local writers and poets with a chance to showcase their published and unpublished work. The book, ‘Driving in Reverse’ is an Autobiography and Memoir of the author. The author describes his story when he used to work at two dismal jobs to pay his Yale town rent. He suffered the sudden loss of his friends and family and was at the edge of life where he wanted a sudden exit. His life changes completely when he is encountered by a number of events and is drove by pain and madness around the world. His story moves quickly as he is in a continuous struggle of finding the hidden pieces of his life. The author, Lindsay is an author and journalist. He is the co-author of many books and is a very good sportsman.
22, Sep 2018
Barnes Children’s Literature festival, London