Verity Craig Book Signing on 24 November at Uckfield
Don’t miss out on the book signing event of ‘Ivf and Infertility, Our Journey: A True Story of one couple's struggle against the odds' by Verity Craig. A book that dives into the life of author, who has given her view about infertility, which is a challenge that many couples have to face. It has a deep impact on a person’s life. She has given an insight on the matter from her own daily experiences. Filled with trauma, hope and all types of emotions. This book is a guide for couples who need a little guidance, as no one ever talks on the matter of infertility. Verity is a former magazine owner, who now is a business owner alongside her husband. Before she and her husband started their business, she was a freelance writer, and also had a magazine editorship career in a local publication.
24, Nov 2018
Petersfield Library