Verity Craig to visit the Ryde Bookshop for a Book Signing Event
Verity Craig will be at the Ryde Bookshop for the book signing event of her book ‘Ivf and Infertility, Our Journey: A True Story of One Couple's Struggle Against the Odds’. She will talk about the book and will present the signed copies of her book to the audience. The subject of the book surrounds around ‘infertility’, which is still considered to be a taboo subject and its purpose is to help and support those couples who face this challenge. Verity decided to write this book when her husband and she found themselves in the painful world of miscarriages and couldn’t find any books on this topic. Verity Craig is a journalist and magazine editor. She had worked as a chief writer and sub-editor for local publications. Currently, she and her husband are running two restaurants.
10, Nov 2018
Barnes & Noble, Cherry Hill