The Versatile Author G. Geoffrey Banjavich Will Be Attending the Book Signing Event at Owl's Nest Books
Owl's Nest Books invites you to be a part of the book signing event of the multitalented and well-known author G. Geoffrey Banjavich. His fans have a great opportunity to meet him and receive the signed copies of his book The Adventures of Georgie Sheppard: Georgie Meets Nikola Tesla. Mr Banjavich will be greeting the audience and will share his life as a famous person. The book The Adventures of Georgie Sheppard: Georgie Meets Nikola Tesla is about fourteen-years-old Georgie Sheppard with some unusual phenomenon. He experiences strange episodes since childhood but ignored them until his torments take the shape of realistic dreams. These bizarre dreams transport him back to the end of the 19th Century. He sets for a journey that will result in jeopardizing time and reality forever. Find out what Georgie would do to help himself in this brilliant sci-fi novel. The author G. Geoffrey Banjavich is an accomplished actor, model, screenwriter, script editor, inventor and speechwriter. He holds a degree in Entrepreneurship and Philosophy of Science.
23, Jul 2019
Black Gull Bookshop, 121 East Finchley High Road , London, N2 8AG