Victoria Hall Methodist Church Invites the Author Lydia Ola Taiwo as Special Guest Speaker
Victoria Hall Methodist Church is honoured to invite the excellent author Lydia Ola Taiwo as a guest speaker on 12th October 2019. Lydia will be speaking about her book A Broken Childhood in which she has scripted her painful childhood and the miseries she has been through. She will also discuss how she evolved herself from being a pessimist to an optimist person. The book lovers have a golden chance of meeting the author and to get inspired by her courage and positivity despite having bad life experiences. The book A Broken Childhood is the memoir of the author Lydia. She is born to a young couple who gives her into foster care. Her foster parents are amazing beings. She was doing perfectly till the day her biological parents take her away with them. From there, the miseries of her life start. Find out more about Lydia's story in this amazing inspirational read. The marvellous author Lydia Ola Taiwo is the victim and survivor of child abuse. She never had a cordial relationship with her parents. Her unshakable faith in God played a major role in her recovery. The author is now happily married and is a mother of six.
12, Oct 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
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