Waterstones Bromley to host Book Signing of ‘50 Letters from Spirit’
Waterstones Bromley at The Glades Shopping Centre, plans to host a book signing ceremony for Patricia McDowall’s ’50 Letters from Spirit’: A call to awaken'. Patricia will talk about her book and her experiences and then will sign copies. This is a book about Patricia’s personal understandings which is based on 50 Letters with 50,000 thoughts daily. In the book, Patricia starts an unusual journey of self-consciousness back in 2013. She begins to feel that she is a living spirit trapped inside a physical body. Her soul evolves as she works her way through life using her consciousness. She talks about a spiritual guide in this book who helped her create this book; a masterpiece. The author, Patricia McDowell was born in Birmingham. She was raised and educated in London. She got her BSc degree from an Open University. She is clairaudient and clairsentient, she writes letters, and has the ability to read individual souls to heal and guide them.
06, Sep 2018 - 07, Sep 2018
Exeter Library