Waterstones Invites the Author John M. Taylor for the Book Signing Event
The author of I Will Find You, John M. Taylor will be attending the Book Signing event organized by Waterstones Fremlin Walk Shopping Centre, Maidstone on 30th June 2019. The author will be sharing his life experiences of working in more than 20 countries. He will also be sharing some tips for new writers. His fans have a brilliant opportunity of meeting him and getting a signed copy of the book. The life-changing journey of a young lad Robbie Spalding’s giving himself a new identity as Nick Thorne, I Will Find You is the book that depicts the harsh realities of the people for behaving indecently with persons like Robbie. It also showcases the unforgiving and irreversible outcomes of the wartime that started in Fenland near Ely and spreading through Australia. Robbie after stepping into disturbed and twisted adulthood learns about the true colours of this world, he leaves Dr. Barnardos’ home in Cambridge. What is fated for Robbie? How would his transformation take place? Find out in the story that’ll keep you hooked till the last page.
 The author John M. Taylor is the father of three. He has extensive experience of working and serving in more than 20 countries. He was born in Ely in 1944 and now lives in Cambridge.
30, Jun 2019
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