Westpoint Arena Will Be Hosting the Book Signing of ‘The Boy Caught in the Starlight’ by Michael J H Taylor
The Westpoint Arena at Clyst St. Mary will host a book signing ceremony for the promotion of Michael J H Taylor’s ‘The Boy Caught in the Starlight’. This is a fantasy book about the imaginations of an intelligent thirteen-year-old boy, Jake. He is always captivated by the thrill of becoming a daredevil adventurer who once meets Professor Septimus Kneebone and admires all his inventions. Soon he finds that his inventions are the part of many historic events that have changed the course of history. Professor wants to destroy his gadgets in the fear of exploitation by a treasure-seeking criminal gang who are linked to the mysterious disappearance of his son. They set out on an adventure to transform wrong to right by using a time machine where they might end up threatening their own existence. The author, Michael J H Taylor is a successful writer who started writing books at the age of 19. He has written hundreds of great books and this one is his first in the series of adventure novels.
23, Nov 2018 - 25, Nov 2018
The Terrace Kitchen – New Zealand