WHSmith at Gallowtree Gate, Leicester Will Host the Book Signing of Kevin J. Adcock’s ‘Adventures with Sir Maxwell’
The WHSmith at Gallowtree Gate, Leicester will organize a book signing event in honor of ‘Adventures with Sir Maxwell’ by Kevin J. Adcock. The author will be there at the event for the promotion of his book and will sign the purchased copies. This is an adventurous book about the expeditions of Sir Maxwell along with his steed and valet, George. His adventures are always hilarious and full of fun. George thinks that Sir Maxwell’s glory days are passed behind him but Sir Maxwell does not think that way. He is always there to fight dragons and witches or find gems in mines below the dwarf kingdom or escape from bears in a giant snowball. Sir Maxwell is always ready to lend a hand whenever his stupid sense of bravery is required. He might be rash but he is courageous and that is all that matters for him. The author, Kevin J. Adcock was born in 1954 in Newark on Trent. He lives in Leicestershire now with his wife of over 40 years and his only son.
20, Oct 2018 - 01, Jan 1970