WHSmith Is Hosting a Book Signing Event for Peter David
Author of ‘The Toy Hunters’ will be attending a book signing event at WHSmith, Manchester. The Author will be signing his first book and promoting the upcoming book from the sequel, pre-release. Part two is titled as ‘The Toy Hunters Returns – Part Two’. The book is about the ‘The Toy Soldier', who has recently learned about the freedom, roles of other toys and the feared enemy, The Toy Hunters. John, the toy soldier, takes on leadership and must devise a plan of defence. Can he protect other fellow toys from the threat of the enemy or they would have to live in fear forever? Peter David was born in Rusholme Close, Manchester. He grew up with four brothers. He served an apprenticeship as a plumber, which led him to work in the North Sea and later in London, Kent, South Wales, and Yorkshire. He worked for multiple companies handling instrumentation in the heavy construction industry.
20, Jan 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
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