WHSmith Leicester to Host Book Signing of Kevin J. Adcock’s ‘Adventures with Sir Maxwell’
The WHSmith at Leicester, Fosse Park will host the book signing ceremony for Kevin J. Adcock’s children book, ‘Adventures with Sir Maxwell’. Stories of the ‘Adventures with Sir Maxwell’ come to life when the author himself elucidates the lovely stories of Sir Maxwell, the knight. This is a fun book about the adventures of Sir Maxwell, who may not be the brightest of knights but he definitely knows a thing or two about adventures. He is always accompanied by his steed and valet, George. The valet knows that Sir Maxwell’s glory days are passed but that doesn’t stop him from accomplishing new things as he makes himself available for all the daring adventures or wherever his particular brand of foolish bravery is required. The author, Kevin J. Adcock was born in Newark on Trent in the year of 1954. He is currently residing in Leicestershire with his wife and son. He is interested in sports and loves music and books.
13, Oct 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
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