WHSmith Maidstone to Host a Book Signing Event of Lee Willmore’s ‘A British War Dance’
Lee Willmore will be at WHSmith’s Maidstone this November to attend the book signing event. The author with his astonishing debut novel, named as ‘A British War Dance’ won the hearts of millions. It has a story, spark, excitement and what not for a reader to be amazed of. The author will talk about his experience and inspiration to come up with a story of this calibre which is nothing short of a masterclass performance.   A British War Dance is a story of a young man ‘James Ashfield’, who fought in WW2 in Germany. He had the assistance of his brother but still, the events which took place got the better of him. He was down and out but still, life gave him an opportunity to change his life once in for all. James thought his life is getting back on track but the universe had other plans when the forbidden love and a shot at redemption turned his life upside down again.   The author ‘Lee Willmore’ makes his debut with a wonderful novel ‘A British War Dance’. Lee is a resident of Kent, United Kingdom. He has a keen interest in dace and war eras, both the factors led to the creation of his amazing book. 
17, Nov 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Rayleigh Library