Yolanda C. Avery to Give an Interview to Chat and Spin Radio
Austin Macauley’s talented author, Yolanda C. Avery will be giving an interview to Chat and Spin Radio on 14th April 2020 at 3:25 pm. The author will be talking about her book, The Adventures of Granny Fannie, and her life. Listen to the interview to know more about the author.   The Adventures of Granny Fannie is an enthralling children’s book about a cool Granny who converses in the form of rhymes and loves adventures. The book is a compilation of fascinating, yet inspiring short stories about the adventures of Granny Fannie. Check out the book here.   Born in Louisiana, Yolanda C. Avery is an author, screenwriter and an entrepreneur. She aims to bring change in the world through her inspiring characters. Her book, The Adventures of Granny Fannie, is inspired by the daily tales of mishaps and her grandchildren.     
14, Apr 2020
WH Smith’s, Trafford Centre, Peel Avenue, Stretford, Manchester M17 8BA