Your Chance to get a signed copy of ‘The Russian Galatea’ by Ira David Wood III
Park Road Books has arranged a book signing event which will be attended by the award-winning actor-director and playwright Ira David Wood III. Ira will be signing the copies of his book ‘The Russian Galatea’ for readers who have loved and appreciated his work. ‘The Russian Galatea’ is a historical fiction that takes place in Siberia, 1919 with the Russian Revolution at its background and an obsessive detective at its centre to unearth a mystery and deliver reports. Detective Nicholas Sokolov is sent to Siberia to investigate the case of mass murder of the entire Romanov family. The White Army needs to be sure if Russian Bolsheviks have indeed murdered the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas Romanov and the entire Romanov family. There is an additional mystery of the girl in a faded photograph and her relationship with the detective. In addition to an impressive career as an actor and director, Ira David Wood is also a founder and current Executive Director of Theatre in the Park, located in North Carolina.  He is married to Ashley and lives in North Carolina. Other than his professional accomplishment he is also credited for playing a great role in raising his three children he is proud of.
03, Mar 2019
Bournemouth Westcliff Hotel, Durley Chine Road