The Advocate featured R.G. Harmon’s ‘The Broadsword and the Englishman’

The Advocate featured R.G. Harmon’s ‘The Broadsword and the Englishman’

The article says Trentham author Rod Harmon has released his second book. The article was featured in ‘The Advocate’ and according to the author his novels are inspired by his parent’s stories. Moreover, the author says ‘I always wanted to be a writer when I was a kid but I was talked out of it and told I needed a real job. I'm now getting started.’

The story of the book is about a middle-class English boy, Bill, who lives in China during the Sino-Japanese war that leads Bill to join the war as a teenager. He went down the coal mines of Wales and eventually went to Australia to start fresh.

Bill’s life is influenced by a lot of different things. His life is based on the memories from the war, the growth of a nation, the betrayal of a father and the company of good friends.

Bill has a troubled adulthood but with the help of his wife he overcomes his fears and visits his childhood place. There he fights his demons and farewells an old friend who leaves him with a symbol of peace and strength that lasts forever.

Rod Harmon was born in 1958, in Geelong, Australia. He entered the private enterprise after serving for seven years in Australian Army as an officer including two years with Commandos.

Rod went for a career change after his two children left home. He now lives in Victoria and has just started his writing career.

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