Alex and His Magical Dragon Lands in a local Newspaper

Alex and His Magical Dragon Lands in a local Newspaper

Alex and His Magic Dragon’ was featured in a local newspaper recently. Rose Miller’s delightful book brings magical adventures that will entice young ones.

The plot surrounds 8-year-old Alex Jones. Like every other kid, there are things that he loves doing, which are going to school and playing football. But he hates doing three things that include going to bed early, listening to his older sister’s musical talents and eating food that are not his favorite.

He believes that he needs help to get through the chores and things that he hates. This help comes to him in the form of a magical dragon named flicker.

So begin the adventures of him and his dragon that make his life a whole lot easier.

Everything that he doesn’t enjoy doing – eating boiled eggs in the morning, chasing away a rat, doing homework etc.- he can have flicker take care of it and make it more fun. He uses its magical abilities, flicks its tail and makes sure that Alex is having fun.

Having lived in various countries in her lifetime, Rose has gathered rich experiences. She has also spent time teaching kids in different regions of the world.

She has used her imagination and knowledge, gathered over the years to create this enchanting story for children.