Alex’s Dragon Roars on the Ireland’s Own Magazine

Alex’s Dragon Roars on the Ireland’s Own Magazine

Rose Miller’s first story about ‘Alex and His Magic Dragon’ has been reprinted by Ireland’s Own Magazine. The story was the beginning of the magical tale that one day would turn into a book.

Alex, the hero of the story, is only 8-years-old and he loves playing football and going to school.

He finds a dragon egg one day and embarks on various adventures. The readers go along with him and his dragon as they get up to all sorts of mischief.

Flicker the dragon makes his life so much easier. Whenever he is faced with chores that he doesn’t want to do, scare a rat away, eat boring old breakfast or help his sister with some tiring task, all he has to do is call his dragon and wait for the magic to happen.

All the dragon has to do is flick its tale and every boring thing is turned into something exciting!

Everything is fun when you have magic dragon by your side.

Rose has lived a rich life thus far, she has travelled the world and taught English to kids during her travels.

Her time as a teacher and a mother inspired her to write this magical tale. She has two sons and two grandchildren.