Amanda Kehoe visits ‘Rathmichael School’ for book reading

Amanda Kehoe visits ‘Rathmichael School’ for book reading

Author of the book ‘TJ and his Wheelable Chair’, Miss Amanda Kehoe paid a visit to Rathmichael School for a book reading ceremony. The author had a wonderful morning at the school and had a discussion afterward with the children who were so engaging and thoughtful.

This is a story about a little boy ‘TJ’ who is a little different in a way. He cannot walk or talk but he loves to listen and to play with his friends.

He does things differently than the rest of the kids and that is why sometimes people stare at him for his unique behavior but he is not shy of it and he continues to cherish every moment of his life.

He is a living inspiration for many people and is full of hope who never lets his abnormality as a sign of weakness for his choice to relish every moment of his life.

Amanda Kehoe was born in 1976 and grew up in Ballinteer, on the suburbs of Dublin. She studied marketing, advertising and Public Relations at the Dublin School of Business.

She worked in the marketing sector for many years and also as a P.A to Chairman of Nissan Ireland. She is also qualified as a Montessori teacher.

She gave up work in 2009 when her son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Global Development Delay. She now lives in Newbridge with her husband Greg and three children Emily, Tadhg and Dylan.