An Amazing Review for ‘Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights

An Amazing Review for ‘Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights

 “An original take on a classic theme”, says the reviewer when talking about Leonard Durso’s book. The book was reviewed on the Midwest Book Review in January.

The author reimagines the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet in modern times in his book ‘Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights’. The backdrop for the story is the amazing metropolis of Istanbul. Characters from all around the world cross paths in the city and thus begins the tale that takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

They soon learn that romance is just as turbulent as it was in Shakespearian times, with every turn of the page this romantic story will amaze them.

Characters get involved in a relationship and their hardships remind us of the complicated nature of love.

The author has highlighted the various differences that can create hurdles in romantic entanglements.

He has firsthand knowledge of cultural differences, living in places like New York and Istanbul. His love for books is deep as he owned a literary bookstore in Los Angeles. He also ran English language workshops in New York and Istanbul.

He has also written articles of newspapers and advertising copies.

His first novel was ‘Rizzo’s World’, which is a thriller also set in New York and Istanbul.

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