“Amusing and witty” book by Philip J.S. Jones receives 13 Reviews

“Amusing and witty” book by Philip J.S. Jones receives 13 Reviews

“Great read. He [the author] makes you feel you are there. Highly recommended.” Said a reviewer about Philip J.S. Jones’ book ‘A Peruvian Diary’. The book received 13 reviews and all of them admired the writer and the story he has told.

The story picks up from 2009 when Philip had quit his job and was pursuing charitable activities. He found himself in Peru, where he thought that he would be helping the community to build a soup kitchen.

He is surprised to learn that was not the case. In fact, he is helping build a Casa Hogar and was in constant danger.

The author takes us into a culture where old values are still adhered to. It is refreshing to learn that there are areas which have not been affected by the 21st century yet.

Author’s wit and ability to give details transports readers to the places that he stayed and visited in his travels.

Philip was educated at Vine Comprehensive School in Basingstoke. He worked on many different building sites and traveled to different areas recreationally.

Ultimately he found himself working for Lloyd’s of London as an International Reinsurance Broker.

In the late 90’s he decided to quit and focus on charity, which is where he found the story for the book.

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