ARC review on ‘Books for Thought’- Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights by Leonard Durso

ARC review on ‘Books for Thought’- Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights by Leonard Durso

The reviewer is an Italian woman in her early 20s with a passion for reading. She started this blog, to share her thoughts on books she read. According to her, the main positives of the book are the superb writing style with well thought out prose that felt like poetry on some occasions.

The book has the ability to take the person into another world and makes sure that the reader is glued down to the seat once they’ve opened it. The writing is clear, every word supports the situation and there isn’t any point where one feels that it was left to chance.

Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights is a contemporary tale of romance that re-portrays Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, Romeo & Juliet, but this time the setting is the beautiful city of Istanbul. The characters casted from around the world, find it difficult to get through the trials and tribulations of romantic involvements which are mired by their own unique cultural differences.

The book tends to be quite unique and original in its narration. Differences of the characters, blending of their stories into each other and a common relation to a single place makes this story, a must read.

Leonard is a New Yorker and has spent all his life serving literature and academic activities. He once owned a literary bookstore in Los Angeles, ran English language programs in New York and Istanbul, wrote for a newspaper, and wrote advertising copy. He was a professional boy scout and is living in Turkey since 2008.

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