Article on Late Author of ‘The Owen Girl’ appears on Stuff

Article on Late Author of ‘The Owen Girl’ appears on Stuff

The book ‘The Owen Girl’ was discovered by Margaret Beames’s husband among her work after her untimely death. The book was featured in an article recently on Stuff.

Margaret was a celebrated children’s author and she wrote many books in her rich life. Her husband, Bryan Beames, expressed his views about the book, saying “I’ve read all of her books and this, without a doubt, is her best”.

She was born at Cowley in 1935 and became a teacher. She moved to New Zealand later and began a writing career that spanned decades and won her many awards and recognition. This book is her swansong and is written for young adult readers.

Book’s plot introduces readers to Jenna, a fifteen year old girl, who suffers abuse from someone very close to her. Distraught, she decides to run away to a beach house.

There she acquaints herself with her surroundings and make friends with an old Maori shopkeeper and a teenage boy that is visiting the area.

That is not all she discovers; she also goes on to find more about her family’s history.

Heartwarming and beautiful, the author takes us on this young girl’s journey of discovery in a vivid setting of New Zealand.

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