Articles featured on Sandra Everitt’s book “My imaginary Friends”

Articles featured on Sandra Everitt’s book “My imaginary Friends”

The North Devon Gazette featured an article about the book 'My Imaginary Friends' by Sandra Everitt. She has written a phenomenal book that takes you to a magical world of childhood. The book describes the story of a kid whose loneliness mitigates soon after getting three imaginary friends.

The article was also published on the website of the journal, North Devon Gazette, on 6th August 2017.

According to Sandra these friends are loyal, naughty and argumentative at the same time. Children as well as grownups are surely going to love it as Sandra calls it a book for all the ages.  The story has the ability to take the adult readers to their childhood days when life was simple and easy. When you had no worries, life was rosy, every day was loaded with new events, laughs, innocent giggles, pure feelings and enjoyment used to be at its peak. Indeed, childhood is what we all adore, no matter what phase of life we are in.

The stories and overall style of writing is neither mawkish sentimental nor it is written from adults perspective. This specific writing style will force the readers to go for it over and over again because as the author quotes, “My imaginary Friends has the ability to take the reader to another world altogether”.

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