Austin Steven shows framed poster of ‘Running Wild’

Austin Steven shows framed poster of ‘Running Wild’

Austin was in Africa room with his framed ‘Running Wild’ poster. The poster demonstrates a very direct and useful image of his daring experiences in the wild.

The book is based on the biography of Austin and his adventures. It explains that how he is not different from a normal person in terms of showing emotions.

From his early days of career at animal park and service in the military to internationally renowned TV shows on Animal Planet, he takes us through his extraordinary journey of wildlife encounters.

He has his own way of dealing with world’s fierce creatures and it’s like he understands their behavior more than anyone.

Moreover, the author explains his personal life struggles, his relationship with his wife and how he rebuilt his life which was once in a complete turmoil.

With his memories full of adventure the author brilliantly elucidates his true admiration for the mother earth and its creatures. 

Austin Steven is from South Africa and he is a wildlife photographer, filmmaker, adventurer and an author.

He is best known for his TV shows on wildlife on Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic and Channel 5 UK channels.

‘Running Wild’ is his fourth book up to the date and he is currently residing in Australia with his wife Amy.