Author Elizabeth Price speaks to The Gazette

Author Elizabeth Price speaks to The Gazette

An interview of Elizabeth M. Price, who penned ‘Choices’, appeared in an online article on The Gazette website. In the conversation the author tells all aspiring writers to not wait if they have a story to tell and pen it to paper immediately.

The Blackpool native published her first book, of a series that will contain unrelated stories. According to her, if you want to publish a book, you shouldn’t wait until your sixties to do it.

She had a strong message for everyone that is thinking about becoming a writer. She believes that nothing should be intimidated by the prospect of becoming a writer, after all they are just ordinary people.

Currently living her dream as a nomad with her partner, she will continue to explore her literary possibilities.

In her book, she explores the life of a character named Earth. She grows up in a strict community where she has had a happy life but all that is about to change as she can no longer see her future in that community.

She takes a risk by leaving the only home she has ever known to embark on a journey of self-discovery. She meets Robin after leaving and starts seeing the possibility of a new life. But her past is always there to hold her back.

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