Author Jenny Philips Interviewed about her new book Family Heartbreak

Author Jenny Philips Interviewed about her new book Family Heartbreak

The mentor of author Jenny Philips, Andrew Jobling, interviewed her about her first book Family Heartbreak. The author has also been interviewed on another YouTube Channel Durban Rock Radio. In both interviews, the author shared her experience of writing her first book and talked about the inspiration behind writing her book.

Family Heartbreak showcases a roller-coaster of emotions which begins with the story of a seven-year-old girl, Jessie, whose life continues to be unlike the life any child aspires to have. The book describes the ups and downs of life faced by Jessie and her mother, Marie who fights with her father in court over Jessie’s custody, gets married to Chris and moves to Australia. Jessie also tries to commit suicide after beginning a new chapter of life in Australia but fails miserably and becomes a damaged soul. After getting annoyed at high-school she makes a new friend. This friendship later evolves to become something more.

Jenny Philips currently resides in Australia after being in Africa and Europe too. Lately, she has a full-time job in a small family business. She loved writing since her late teens, but after being rejected by a publisher, she lost hope and destroyed her work. But her keen desire to become an author motivated her to work hard. Because of her determination and hard work, she is now a published author and Family Heartbreak is her debut novel.

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