Author Lucy Ela Walmsley Attended 3 Wishes Fairy Festival, Cornwall

Author Lucy Ela Walmsley Attended 3 Wishes Fairy Festival, Cornwall

The author Lucy Ela Walmsley attended the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival to exhibit her book The Faery Tales from 22nd to 23rd June 2019. The author shared that it was a brilliant event and she was meeting and greeting her fans. She read the book and also signed a few copies for the book readers. She further added that children and adults alike loved the book and took photos.

The book The Faery Tales is filled with striking illustrations. The story is about the four best faeries Willow, Aria, Delta and Ember who set up an adventure on the National Bumble Bees’ Day. The singing frogs and June bags band is all set to light up the day with their performance. But the naughty faeries Dawn and Luna are planning on to spoil the happy day. Would naughty faeries succeed in spoiling the happy day? Or the four best faeries along with bees will save the day? Find it all in full of eye-catching illustrations and this amazingly written read.

The author Lucy Ela Walmsley loves to write, to inspire and empower the children’s imaginations. She loves nature and currently takes an active part in safeguarding the Bumble Bees which are on the verge of extinction.