Azarias Tor makes it on to Northeast Lifestyle Magazine

Azarias Tor makes it on to Northeast Lifestyle Magazine

The March issue of Northeast Lifestyle Magazine contained a conversation with Richard Abbott-Brailey, where he discussed the concept of his book and his future plans with his writing.

Richard currently lives in Northumberland with his wife. He was born in London and attended school in Watford. He has worked in the retail sector and has spent time as a secondary school teacher.

His passion for time travel translated into creation of ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’.

The bold concept of the book takes readers into the peculiar life of Azarias. He is a time traveler on a mission to save the future.

In his journey, he has suffered many losses, including the love of his life.

Richard Abbott-Brailey's

Yet, he remains loyal to the task. He travels to the past and forward into the future and show that how one seemingly insignificant individual can have devastating ramifications for the future.

The readers are left wondering if they are the creators of their destiny or if history is what has made them who they are.

Explore the concepts of time travel in a way that you have never done before and untangle the web of Azarias’ life.

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