A. B. Crowe has featured in the Mayo Advertiser

A. B. Crowe has featured in the Mayo Advertiser

A. B. Crowe, author of 'The Protectors of Dromgoon: The Crossing', has featured in the Mayo Advertiser under her name 'Anita Brady'. 

'The Protectors of Dromgoon: The Crossing' is the first in a series of three books. Crowe discusses her motivation behind the book and her journey of creation. The book surrounds Irish folklore, with inspiration coming from adventure books like those written by Enid Blyton.

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They knew they shouldn't have gone to The Forgotten People's Ring Fort. They had been warned by their parents but they still went. Now Marcus had disappeared and the remaining friends, Ryan, Frank, Mabel and Claire had to call for help to find him. When they return at night to look for Marcus, to their surprise he is there waiting for them, and he draws them into a world of Fairies, magical creatures, and mythical beings.

They discover that their town, Dromgoon, is the site of The Crossing where fairies can move between their own world and the human world and that the ring fort is to be destroyed to make way for future development. The five friends are told they are Protectors of Dromgoon and they are the only ones that can find the ancient treasure whose magic is needed to save The Crossing.

So begins a series of adventures where they have to call on strengths and qualities they didn't know they possessed.

But there is treachery within the fairy ranks which they also need to overcome.

Challenges they could never have imagined are about to be encountered by the protectors of Dromgoon.