Barnes Kids Lit Festival Features Sarah Milne’s ‘The Lost Hat’

Barnes Kids Lit Festival Features Sarah Milne’s ‘The Lost Hat’

The Barnes Children’s Literature Festival featured Sarah Milne’s ‘The Lost Hat’. It was all abroad Kitty’s magic fun bus. The audience liked this sing-along, move- along adventures of kitty kat with beautiful songs, music, tangling tongue-twisters and lots of amusement and fun.

This fascinating book covers the adventures of Kitty kat who goes for a picnic in Primrose Park. On her way, she finds this hat for which she takes up the responsibility to find its owner.

She meets Elegant Mr. Swan and hip-hopping Mr. Frog on her way and makes her way across the lake where she meets the famous Primrose Marching band.

They sing and dance and have fun all along the way. Kitty Kat has a lot of amazing friends who love to play with her. The book is full of beautiful adventure of Kitty Kat and her friends and all their unending wonderful joys.

Sarah Milne is an actress, singer, professional dancer and a writer. She is graduated in Dance and Music.

She launched the kitty Katz club back in 2011 which was really appreciated by the audience and this leads her to teach the kitty Katz club to over 600 children a week, English and international students at local and primary schools.

She teaches drama and Musical Theatre examinations in association with Trinity College, London. She is currently residing in Cyprus.