BBC Radio interviews Paul R.White of ‘The Loophole’

BBC Radio interviews Paul R.White of ‘The Loophole’

BBC radio station at Coventry & Warwickshire interviewed the author ‘Paul R.White’ of the book, ‘The Loophole’. The author talked about his book and the inspiration behind writing it.

This is a story about ‘Adam’ who works at a Paramedic office. It is a fine day when Adam receives a call from some anonymous person that not only changes the course of his career but it changes his life forever.

He finds himself plunged deeply in the murky world of life and death. He drags himself to this unknown world of void where we have no control over ourselves.

Adam discovers that just one simple event can change the fate of his life forever.

The author, Paul R.White lives in Warwickshire with his youngest son.

He joined the ambulance service back in 1988 and has been associated with the UK paramedic since 2006. He has worked with a permanent EMT partner since 2011.

Both of them received a Chief Officer’s Commendation award in 2017 for maintaining a high rate successful resuscitations and they have done this besides the average resuscitation rate of 8%, yet they have managed to keep it as high as 90%.

He has been awarded many prestigious medals in his field and to this day his method of maintaining an exceptionally high rate of resuscitation has never been fully explained.

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