BBC Radio (Merseyside) interviewed Georgina Peterson of ‘Freaks like Me’

BBC Radio (Merseyside) interviewed Georgina Peterson of ‘Freaks like Me’

The BBC Radio Channel in Merseyside interviewed the author Georgina Peterson of ‘Freaks Like Me’. She talked about the book’s main idea and the inspiration for writing such kind of memoirs.

This story is about a typical teenager girl who studies hard to get to her dream University. She likes to go places and have fun with her friends on weekends. She from the very beginning had this fear of losing something. She knew what was coming for her.

She had planned her entire life until one night and one event turned her whole life upside down. It just took a few moments to change her whole life and all things changed in her life.

The book is based on a touching memoir which includes invisible illness, mental health problems and the prejudgments that comes with it. Based on the story the book states that how one girl and her family accepted the fate of dealing with the sufferings with courage and determination.

Georgina Peterson was born in Liverpool, UK. She spent her childhood there and was graduated in Bachelor of Arts in English. She also has a very strong background in performing arts and has worked with a lot of children, both of which have greatly influenced her life and career.

She was diagnosed with a brain disorder but she continued to be creative, alive and be surrounded by great people.

She is currently working on her debut novel.

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