Beautifully sketched ‘Visit To The Vets’ is a Favorite of Kids

Beautifully sketched ‘Visit To The Vets’ is a Favorite of Kids

Pam Craven has written and sketched a wonderful book ‘Visit To The Vets’. The adventurous cats entertain and enthrall children when they read the book. The illustrations give stories a new life and makes the book even more fun to read.

The book recently received a review praising the story and sketches in the book.

The adventure begins when two young cats have to go to a vet.

But it isn’t an ordinary journey. They have to board a train to get to their destination.

It is their first time on the train and they take every moment to enjoy their ride on the train.

The cats are mischievous and get up to different things on the journey, when they arrive at the vets.

They also get to meet different animals along the way.

After reaching the vet, they treat the clinic as their own property.

Children can join in the humorous fun with the cats.

Hailing from Wales, Pam is fond of writing and illustrating stories for kids. She has a degree in ceramics and a P.G.C.E in secondary education.

She aims her content for children aged 3 to 5 years.