‘Bella the Bee’ is helping children explore their identity

‘Bella the Bee’ is helping children explore their identity

An article in the West Sussex County Times takes a look at Phil Clarkson’s book ‘Bella the Bee’. In it, the newspaper has admired the unique theme of the book.

The book introduces children to Bella. She is a bee who is having a tough time in her life.

She can’t seem to keep up with school work and she doesn’t have friends to play with. All of it gives her the feeling that she doesn’t fits in.

But she keeps a secret from everyone she knows, there is something that she loves doing and she is very good at it.

This heartfelt story has a very strong message for children. As the article says “[the book] focuses on finding the things in life that help us feel alive, valued and connected”.

It should be read to children, so they can understand relationships and emotions that they feel every day.

A resident of West Sussex, Phil is a dreamer. He lives with his wife and two kids.

He has been in the social work profession for over two decades. He brings his unique perspective to this book and all the experience he has gained studying human behavior and development.

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