‘In Black Ink’ of Jenna Mackay Got a Newspaper Feature in ‘New Zealand Herald’

‘In Black Ink’ of Jenna Mackay Got a Newspaper Feature in ‘New Zealand Herald’

‘Bay of Plenty Times’ of New Zealand Herald featured an article about Jenna Mackay’s ‘In Black Ink’. This is what the author has to say about the book, ‘As I flicked through the MTV music channels, three consecutive songs gave me the idea for my first novel. Once I returned to work I mostly wrote during weekends and in the holidays.’

This is a romantic novel which is based on the story of Frankie, who is an American teenage girl. She is in the final year of high school when she falls for Adam but it is the time when America declares war against Iraq and their lives change forever.

This is a very thrilling book which keeps the readers engaged. Join Frankie as she discovers her moments River road Louisiana to Iraq, France, New York, and other locations. This is a book which tells the tales of fascinated lives of five young people and how their destinies take them to places that they had never thought of.

The author, Jenna Mackay has always been interested in writing. She wrote her first book when she was on her maternity leave in her twenties. She is a full-time secondary school teacher who teaches English and Social Studies. She lives in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and aspires to be a full-time writer and to travel the world with her young family.


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