Black Isle Chatterbox features news about ‘Jimmy gets a Pet Passport’

Black Isle Chatterbox features news about ‘Jimmy gets a Pet Passport’

Scotland based magazine ‘Black Isle Chatterbox’ features news about the Margaret Scott’s latest book ‘Jimmy gets a Pet Passport’.  In the news, the author tells us about her publications and her upcoming projects and from where the books can be purchased.

Jimmy is a very lovable Dalmatian dog who likes to play all the day in the sun with her other friends. She was born in the USA and met his new mother is South Carolina when she turned 3 years old.

Her new mother has to move to Scotland to meet her Scottish family which means that Jimmy has to go to the vet to get his pet passport. This is the least favorite part for Jimmy as she doesn’t like to go to the vet which means that she has to overcome her fear for the vets so that she could fly on an airplane.

Margaret Scott belongs to Scotland and she grew up in the North East of the country. She studied Sports Development and Health Promotion in the University and spent nine summers as a Camp Counselor, Unit Leader and Sports Director at Camp Blue Ridge in Northern Georgia, USA.

She also worked at YNCA Camp seagull/Camp Seafarer as on Operation/ Program assistant for seven years which is where she met Jimmy, the Dalmatian and returned to her country in 2015 to take care of her ailing mother.

Margaret follows Jimmy’s actual life events for her writings and she truly adores her for her enchanting behavior.