‘The Bluebell Wood’ gets a review by John Gerry

‘The Bluebell Wood’ gets a review by John Gerry

‘YB-Your Berhamsted’ has featured a review of ‘The Bluebell Wood’ by Kelly Wright. The reviewer says about the book as ‘The words and the illustrations are beautiful and convey a sense of innocence and joy that we would all like to recapture. The little girl finds friendship, kindness, and adventure in a setting as wonderful as Ashridge in full bloom.’

It is the story about a little girl who is very adventurous and a fun-loving kid. Her favorite place is bluebell wood and she loves to go there every now and then. It is while she is playing among the trees, she meets her friends one by one in the woods who enjoys the delight of being with her.

They, like her, enjoy playing hide and seek and all the pleasures of childhood. Her friends include a hedgehog, badger, Mole and a Robin. She likes to be with them to experience and share her joys with them.

The author, Kelly Wright lives in Berkhamsted. She teaches Berkhamsted pre-Prep School Children.

It is her childhood memories from bluebell wood which she carried for almost 35 years and now finally gave it a shape in the form of this book. She likes yellow and has been fortunate in creating a picture book and finally getting it published.

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