Bob King reveals his secrets in the ‘To Tell you the truth’

Bob King reveals his secrets in the ‘To Tell you the truth’

A review of ‘To Tell You the Truth’ appeared on Whitby Gazette, the article said, “a former Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy, is well-known and respected in the village for his generosity.”

Being born in a poor family and abandoned by the age of 11, Bob King writes about his lifelong struggles that how he overcame the complications of life along with his siblings.

The immature love and support of the siblings for each other was the only reason that made him stood fast in the qualms of life.

He felt ashamed of his past but he finally felt comfortable to say everything aloud and relieves himself of the constant imprisonment of the harsh memories of his life.

Joining navy by the age of 16 and being exposed to the unexpected circumstances in the World War II the author explains his journey in a very entertaining and humorous way.

Later he found work in the Steel industry.

At the age of 90, he finally gives shape to his lifelong events in the form of this book.

It was originally a collection of messy manuscripts that were discovered upon his demise.

The collection of stories tells a great tale of an aged veteran.

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