Book Signing ceremony of ‘The Bluebell Wood’ at the Waterstones

Book Signing ceremony of ‘The Bluebell Wood’ at the Waterstones

A book signing ceremony for Kelly Wright’s book ‘The Bluebell Wood’ was held at Waterstones, in the town of Berkhamsted. The ceremony was attended by a large number of children and their parents. The author Kelly Wright had a chit-chat with her little fans and signed a lot of books.

The book is about a little girl who likes to go and explore Bluebell Wood. She loves to explore places and has many friends in Bluebell forest. She likes to hang out there with her friends and have adventures with them.

She is a very caring child who takes good care of the Bluebell Wood and of her friends who live there.

She visits the forest one day where she meets her friend badger. She gets very happy after seeing him and together they set on their new adventure for the day.

Kelly Wright lives in Berkhamsted where she is a teacher at pre-school aged children school. She likes to write about Bluebell Wood which reminds her of her childhood memories and adventures.

She has been writing similar kind of stories since she was just 7 years old and now at the age of 34 she still remembers her good old days and crafts them on a piece of paper.

She has finally published her first picture book. Kelly likes the color yellow very much.