Book Signing event for ‘Once Upon a Mouse’ held recently

Book Signing event for ‘Once Upon a Mouse’ held recently

J. A. Zarifian was present for a book signing of ‘Once Upon a Mouse’, everyone in attendance got the chance to meet the author and get their copies of the book signed.

As the title suggests the tale is about a mouse and a cat. An unlikely pair of heroes that find themselves on the same side for once.

They are in a race against time to save the world from danger. It is on them to save the power of imagination.

The fantastical story includes some classic tale, fables, and rhymes with modern twists on them.

The highly logical mouse is unlike any other mouse and he gets along very well with the cat who is not as predatory as other cats. There is also the teenage storyteller who is describing everything in vivid detail.

Readers will peel back layers of stories and get to the bottom where a surprise twist awaits them.

The author is an award-winning and celebrated stage Director and Actor.

She has held different roles in her life, a daughter, sister, mother, aunt and a lover. This is her first novel.

Anyone who meets her changes from just one meeting.