Book Signing of ‘A Roman and a Celt’ at Gorhambury Manor House

Book Signing of ‘A Roman and a Celt’ at Gorhambury Manor House

Author of ‘A Roman and a Celt' April E. Claridge attended a book signing event at Gorhambury Manor House. All who attended had an amazing time together. Once the book signing was over, the attendees took time out to get some photographs to mark the eventful day. Later on, a heartfelt letter of appreciation was received by April.  

A fascinating historical story about life at the time of the Roman Invasion. From the memories of someone who was there at that time. Dana, sixteen-year-old, with a quick temper and headstrong. Tells the tale about all the struggles living in the Roman World. Dana was young when the Roman invasion started. Dana had a strong dislike towards the Romans, as she was driven out of her home and her family got slaughtered. Fate has other plans for her, as she was to be wedded to a Roman. This is her story from her memories.

April was born in Australia. She is passionately involved with historical events and the words written by those before her. She has been attentive when it comes to spiritual and psychic sciences. Using this ability, April gives an amazing edge in past life memories. She has travelled around the world, lived in Australia and Britain so to call herself a “space traveller of the Earth”.