A book talk for Richard Abbott’s ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’

A book talk for Richard Abbott’s ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’

East Bedlington Community Center hosted an event for the public to meet the author of ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’, Mr. Richard Abott-Brailey and to participate in the book talk. The author talked about his writings, books and his inspiration behind his writings.

Richard Abbott- Brailey is a local writer who was born in London and schooled in Watford. He obtained his BA (Hons) after quitting his job in sales and retail. He also worked in theatre, lighting and stage management and qualified as a secondary school teacher.

Richard now lives with his wife in Northumberland as alumni of The Central School of Speech and Drama.

In his new book, he asks some thought-provoking questions from its readers about their past and present and the future. The history that shapes us and the history that we shape. Are we masters of our own situations or are we dominated by them?

Imagining a world where we are part of other people’s histories and other people’s futures. Whether we know it or not but we are impacting each other lives in some way and in some sort.

The unknown person driving by or the guy crossing the road; what if they know something which could affect your life or which could affect everyone’s life.

In short, the book is a pure collection of questions which bothers a reader’s mind about life and its unknown secrets that we surpass daily knowingly and unknowingly.

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